Hi there

I got nicknamed “The Yeti” by my beloved wife because I’m tall, hairy and like getting out in the countryside and up hills even if it’s been snowing, hence this place being called “Yeti’s Little Workshop” due to  only having a very small workshop area!

One of the custom titanium knotwork fids that I make, pictured next to the pocket knife the owner was carrying. (Photo provided by happy customer and used here with his permission).

I’m an amateur machinist living in Surrey in the UK, and an IT & Project Manager by profession. I’ve always enjoyed making stuff, and I started off making tritium “lanterns” out of brass, then I discovered the joy of making precision spinning tops and seeing just how long I could get one to spin for. My personal record with a top that I’ve made is just under 14 minutes, and now I make precision spinning tops for sale, along with custom metal beads and  hand tools for paracord knot work (which is another of my hobbies).

So this site and my online store exist to provide a way for me to show the things that I create, and make items easily available for purchase. The products list in the store will change from time to time as I add and remove one-off items for sale, so be sure to follow me on twitter,  instagram and facebook for announcements! 

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the gallery of items that I’ve made?

Thanks for visiting!

Dave aka “Yeti”