On closing the “store”

If you’ve visited here prior to today (27 March 2018), you may be wondering what has happened to my “store”. Well, I found that having it there was causing me undesired levels of stress to “get on an make stuff for sale”, which was rather putting the dampeners on my enjoyment of just sitting down and making stuff.  (Plus it was costing me money each month to keep open with nothing really for sale).

So I decided that in order to try and get myself back on track of making stuff more often I’d close down the store to remove that source of stress.

Should I decide to put an item up for sale, I will most likely announce it solely on my instagram page (see bottom of this page for an instagram button), unless I can find a suitable free plugin for this website that will let me list individual items for sale here (without needing a third party online store service).

Yeti 🙂