Knife Sharpening Service

Aside from being an amateur machinist, I also offer (when time permits) a knife care & sharpening service.

I am proud to be able to offer a service to repair damage to a knife’s edge from minor to severe chipping, as well as being able to re-profile the edge angle to suit your usage requirements. I will work with you to assess how you use the knife and whether a re-profiled edge might suit you better, and what level of polish would be best. (A coarser “more toothy” edge is better for cutting up cardboard boxes for example, while a mirror polished 160,000 grit finish with a narrow angle makes for an amazing “slicer” e.g. for food preparation). 

I have sharpened everything from cheap £5 kitchen knives up to one off custom knives valued in the hundreds of pounds, and I can produce mirror polished edges that are guaranteed to slice through food, paper, cardboard and other things like you’ve never experienced. (Unless of course you’re a repeat customer!). As part of the sharpening service, I can also (for example) dismantle most folding pocket knives apart from those that have a pinned-together construction and thoroughly clean them and re-lubricate pivot points using “Nano-Oil” to make them smoother to open.

I use the KME sharpening system with diamond sharpening plates to sharpen the blade and either leather strops with CBN emulsion or diamond lapping films on glass plates to produce the final polish.


Some example images of knife sharpening orders in progress showing the tools that I use, and the completed knife edges are shown in the gallery below.

If you are interested in this service, please use the link to my Facebook page to and send me a message there.

Please note that due to the risk of folding knives being seized by UK customs, I only offer sharpening for fixed blade knives if you are located outside the UK.